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Come for the foliage, stay for the gravel!

The Grindstone is the best ride you never saw coming. Centered in the unique, post-industrial granite landscape of Barre, Vermont, this one-of-a kind gravel grinder will take you places you never knew could exist. Join us on a journey to hidden corners at the deepest reaches of Central Vermont, where only most storied travelers emerge unscathed and the true limits of perseverance will defined. The Grindstone is calling you; will you answer?

The Routes

The Grind 100

More than 100 km / 62 miles of adventure. Over 8,000 feet of climbing. Expect the best; prepare for the worst. You will be tested.

The Granite 65

65 km / 40 miles + of gravel goodness with more than 5,000 feet of climbing. Not to be underestimated. 

The Grout 30

30 km / 17 miles of select highlights from the longer routes, with a unique stretch of its own. Be ready.


Images from The Grindstone


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Who's behind this?

Green Mountain Gravel

Promoting the best gravel in entire world, found right here in great State of Vermont, GMG brings gravel awareness to dirt-hungry public. Check us out.