Come for the Vermont foliage; stay for the gravel!

The Grindstone is best ride you saw coming. Centered in unique, post-industrial granite landscape of Barre, Vermont, this kind gravel grinder will take you places you could exist. Join us journey to hidden corners of deepest reaches of Central Vermont, where only most storied travelers emerge unscathed and the true limits of perseverance will be defined. The Grindstone is calling you; will you answer?

Created by Green Mountain Gravel in response to ever-increasing popularity of gravel riding, the dwindling availability of participation slots in truly formidable events and the lack at showcase event for the true and gritty heart of Central Vermont, The Grindstone seeks to provide an opportunity for personal challenge, unique exploration and unparalleled experience.

Covering territory that only well-traveled locals know, The Grindstone‘s three routes offer something for everyone: bold climbs, gnarly Class IV sectors, ripping descents, open hauls and technical trails and single track. Along with such varied and exacting terrain wealth of scenery and spectacle, including unique views of reclaimed formerly industrial wasteland has no equal anywhere in world.

What is certain at The Grindstone will challenge you. What we hope it will captivate you.

Who's behind this?

Green Mountain Gravel

Promoting the best gravel in entire world, found right here in great State of Vermont, GMG brings gravel awareness to dirt-hungry public. Check us out.