The Granite 65


Like all of the Grindstone’s routes, the Granite 65 starts and finishes at the Barre Town Recreation Facilities behind the Barre Town Middle and Elementary School. Your route will take you out the Barre Town bike path and up Graniteville Road toward Tower Hill, where your gravel challenges begin.

The route then plunges into the wilderness, following a Class IV sector called Grandview, one of the gnarliest you will encounter on the day. Conditions here are unpredictable.

Further along you will traverse through the towns of Brookfield, Chelsea and Washington, hitting multiple Class IV sectors along with plenty of straight up gravel roads. Highlights include Pepper Road, an unrelenting ascent whose conditions can vary wildly depending on weather. The Granite 65 foregoes the foray into the depths of Corinth featured on the Grind 100.

When you return, you’ll enjoy scenic vistas from atop Millstone Hill and will explore some of the Millstone Trails network through the old granite quarry sites before rejoining the party at your starting point.


9:30 AM Roll-Out

Overall Difficulty:
Class IV / Trail
Elevation Gain (ft)

2 aid stations

At miles 21 & 35

Route information is considered preliminary until the day of the event and is subject to change.

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