Being welcoming to all and open to anyone who wants to add positivity to a community shouldn’t require a statement. It should be the default. Yet here we are.

It’s places like Green Mountain Community Fitness that make us proud to live in a community where there are businesses that proactively make those statements — of inclusivity, representation and open-mindedness.

Green Mountain Community Fitness is much more than a place to work out; it’s a hub for community happenings, both within its walls and on its bulletin boards. It hosts a wide range of events and activities and offers related services to all who walk through its doors, regardless of their identity or orientation. And it proudly declares its willingness to do so, despite pressures which must inevitably exist to the contrary.

We have been to GMCF many times for many reasons: to swim, to work out, for kids’ camps, even to pick up a local coffee CSA.
It is a safe space, and we are grateful for their support in sponsoring LGBTQIA+ riders to attend our event for free, in collaboration with Pride Rides VT.

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