Vermont Flood Relief

Vermont is under water. And now, a great deal of silt, sludge, ruined livelihoods and suffering. As disturbing as it is to see our beloved roads mangled beyond recognition, it’s the plight of our neighbors that causes us the most distress.Barre, the hometown of The Grindstone, was hit particularly hard.This year, The Grindstone will be … Read more

Participation Prizes!

SO. MANY. AMAZING. EVENTS!October is the time to ride in Vermont and we are here for it. We are offering participation prizes to those of you brave and bold enough to tackle two awesome events on the weekend of The Grindstone!DETAILS:Ride any one of the following events, and also The Grindstone (any course). Show us … Read more

Supporting the Parrott Family

The Parrott family, owners of Yipes Barre and Beavin & Son’s, lost their home and pets in a devastating fire. It was a total loss. We stand with our neighbors in supporting this hardworking family that is part of the foundation of our community. We will donate $10 of every registration to The Grindstone through … Read more


Being welcoming to all and open to anyone who wants to add positivity to a community shouldn’t require a statement. It should be the default. Yet here we are. It’s places like Green Mountain Community Fitness that make us proud to live in a community where there are businesses that proactively make those statements — … Read more

Supporting Millstone Trails

We will get to experience the unique history of Barre’s granite mining past close up due in no small part to the tireless work of Millstone Trails Association, the nonprofit corridor manager of the Millstone Trails system. We are happy to support MTA by accepting donations on our registration page. All donated funds will go … Read more