Participation Prizes!

October is the time to ride in Vermont and we are here for it. We are offering participation prizes to those of you brave and bold enough to tackle two awesome events on the weekend of The Grindstone!
Ride any one of the following events, and also The Grindstone (any course). Show us a photo/selfie from the event you chose after you finish The Grindstone and you will earn a prize! Here are the events on offer; choose your challenge!
STONE CIRCUS: Ride the legendary Braintree 357 Gravel Enduro Circus Ride (presented by APEX Trailworks) and The Grindstone
GRATEFUL TO GRIND: Ride the unique Grateful by Memphremagog Trails and The Grindstone
STONE BLOWER: Ride Stowe Trails Partnership ‘s Leaf Blower and The Grindstone
SKILLS AND STONES: Ride the GM Cyclocross Race at Catamount Outdoor Family Center and The Grindstone
GOREY QUARRIES: Ride Gorey Hollows (presented by Analog Cycles) and The Grindstone
This one is the same day so it’s not possible without a time machine, but we still wanted to give it a shout:
ROCK FIRE: Ride SoVermont Gravel Grinder (aka Burning Leaf) and The Grindstone by manipulating spacetime
We love all these rides and we want you to love them too. Check them out!

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